Dr. Rachel West

Dr. Rachel West is a board certified Integrative Family Medicine Physician and Osteopath in Los Angeles. Her professional experience has put her at the forefront of Integrative and Preventive Medicine.


Dr. West helps her patients with nutritional testing, hormonal balancing; she utilizes a wide variety of innovative therapies, including Heavy Metal Detoxification, Hormone Replacement for women and men, Anti-Aging Medicine, Neurotransmitter Rebalancing, Oxidative medicine, Ozone therapies (MAH, Prolozone, UBI), and Nutritional Therapies.

Dr. West works with tests designed by laboratories all over the country to best figure out her patients’ health profiles. Comprehensive testing helps her address the root causes of illness, which helps her work with her patients on recovering, maintaining, and promoting long-term health.

If you face chronic health challenges, or if you want to figure out how you can naturally find your greatest resources of energy and clarity of mind – Dr. West’s integrated approach, combining Western Medicine with various contemporary alternatives, will provide a path to a long, energetic, and healthy life!